Tecnologistica Consultores has a work methodology that allows us to organize the development of projects with efficiency and simplicity, defining control points, establishing follow-up routines, and ensuring the quality of work delivered, to meet our customers’ expectations.

Proyect Development

Project Development for any of the products we offer, consists of three phases, that allow us to validate progress against the expectations of our customers and make adjustments as necessary:

Diagnosis and Macro Analysis

At this stage we identify our customer’s needs, we perform a survey to understand the situation and identify the gaps. Based on that, we define a Macro Plan to be implemented indicating the necessary resources, related to investments, to personnel, to infrastructure and to technology. In addition, we estimate the schedule and asign timeframes to achieve a successful implementation of the Plan.

Detailed Design

This second phase includes adjustments to the macro analysis that might have been identified and includes the detailed design of the project. Also, if appropriate, incorporates processes, indicators, plans, suppliers, technical specifications, and so on. Correspondingly, we include a detailed timeline of activities and their critical control points.

Implementation Support

Finally, we support the implementation phase to ensure all difficulties and or challenges are addressed and the objectives defined are achieved.

Continuous Consulting Service

In addition, we also provide an on-going consulting service that offers our availability to analyze problems that might arise on a daily basis and that require an expert opinion and probably some technical analysis.

This type of service is suitable to solve problems that might not be considered a project but that their efficient solution is key to provide the appropriate customer service at reasonable costs. The service is provided establishing a monthly retainer fee that grants an certain amount of time from one our consultants with the necessary and agreed seniority to review problems, validate ideas, identify opportunities for improvement and further train personnel.

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