We add value to our customers by providing specific solutions through the following products and services:

Strategic Logistics Consulting

  • Integrated Supply Chain Diagnosis
  • Analysis and Diagnosis of Logistic Operation Consultoria logistica estrategica
  • Analysis and Diagnosis of Transportation Network and productivity
  • Analysis and Diagnosis of Supply and Plant Production Plans
  • Benchmarking
  • Design of the Logistics Network
  • Design of Transportation Network
  • Definition of Warehouse Locations
  • Definition of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Definition of Outsourcing Processes
  • Foreign Trade Administration

Logistics Operations Consulting

  • Management of Implementation Projects
  • Design of Transportation Optimization Models
  • Design of Warehouse and Distribution Center
  • Plant Supply Chain Planning in accordance with Plant Production
  • Just In Time Materials Management
  • Design Sequential Supply Chain Operations
  • Design of Cross-dock Bases and Consolidation Centers
  • Truck Load Optimization
  • Control of Truck Load Capacity

Information Systems Consulting

  • Diagnosis of IT situation in logistics area
  • Identification of Opportunities of ERP used by the company
  • Selection of suitable logistics operation software: Consultoria logistica en sistemas informaticos
    • Warehouse Management System (WMS)
    • Transportation Management System (TMS)
    • Routing Optimization System (RS)
    • Parameterization and implementation support

Personnel Training and Development

  • Quality management
  • Methodology and Processes
  • Continuous improvement plans
  • Key Performance Indicators

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